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Child-Safety Picture for websiteWe are aware that change is a constant in our lives. Each day, despite the demand created by change, new frontiers are established and we head out in new directions to achieve what is required of us.

WHAT EVERY NOT FOR PROFIT (NFP) ORGANISATION MUST DO NOW. Click HERE for a link to  access a Child Protection Toolkit and to be guided toward policy development that is required of us NOW. If you are a NFP organisation and your work and volunteer work encompasses contact with YOUTH, policy development within this arena requires the commitment of all Australians within NFP organisations.

The Tambellup CRC is currently reviewing Child-Safety Policy Templates for our own use and implementation. Should you be struggling with policy development or find yourself in a time poor situation, please contact us to establish if the documents we are reviewing may suit your needs and bring you into position of compliance. It’s about you. It’s about your children. And the assurance that the world around us is responding appropriately at all cross roads in life.

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