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Welcome to our OFFAL page,

OFFAL can stand for many things, but I prefer Old Fellas Footy Fun and Laughter.

OFFAL, is essentially a means by which older blokes get together once a week over a ten to twelve week period, for a hour or so of physical exercise, followed by another hour or so of fellowship in the clubhouse.

The physical exercise is based around the greatest game in the world—Australian Rules Football. No prior footy experience is necessary, in fact if OFFAL has been successful, then I consider one of the main reasons why, is no level of expectation is placed upon anyone. Participation is the key!!

We commenced OFFAL training in February 2011. Tambellup is a community built around farming , principally now grain production. The harvest of 2010/11 had been a very disappointing one with very low grain yields. Morale around the district was perhaps a little low,  so maybe a bit of physical activity and fellowship could help lift the spirits?!

Thus, on February 7th 2011 (a week after the kids had returned to school) we had our first training night. At 6:15pm on that Monday night we had three blokes and things were looking grim. By 6:30pm however, we had 22 blokes on the track—and we were away!

Over the subsequent training seasons things have evolved along the way. We have learnt the critical need to warm up then warm down properly before and after each training. We’ve learnt that the hardest part of training, is the getting there, and that fellowship is about having one drink less, and heading for home content and relaxed. We’ve learnt that OFFAL is not just a Tambellup thing—blokes come from all over the great southern to training. We have also learnt that a run around the oval and the intimacy of the clubhouse change rooms create a wonderful environment for us to interact with the special guest (whom we try to get one of each season). Some things haven’t changed, OFFAL is for blokes—all blokes. Any bloke from high school up is welcome  – you train at your pace and your desired level of effort.

No one has anything to prove and failure is an option!

We hope you enjoy your scroll through our page, which has been built around our contributions to our local Tambellup ’Topics’ Newsletter.

If you are a bloke then hopefully one day we will “See you on the track”

Justin Taylor, OFFAL Coach

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