Tambellup CRC


Photocopying, Printing & Scanning Services

Photocopying & Printing. Whether you need to copy in colour or black & white, single or double sided, from A5 to A3. Discounted rates for bulk printing are available.

Brochures and Promotional Booklets. We can produce & print personal or business products that suit your needs. From an A4 single page single or trifold to stapled multi page booklets A5 to A6, A4 to A5 or A3 to A4 fold.

Personalised Gift Cards and Invitations. Bring your preferred photographs and your ideas to us to create gift or invitation cards for special occasions. If you’re not sure, let us lead the way to help you decide.

Calendars. Personalised Calendars are available and can be created using your own media. An affordable option that create terrific gifts.

Scanning Services. Scan and print or Scan to Disk or USB services available. Conversion of 35mm Slides or 35mm Colour or Black & White negatives to digital format. Conversion of medium Format 120/220 Black & White negatives to digital format. Conversion of 4×5 inch Black & White negatives to digital format.